SSWR Helps Bring Team Equador to the 2016 Softball World Championships

I absolutely love it when organizations or teams ask me to come be a guest coach or help with their team’s practice. It is a great feeling to see young girls improve their game as well as have fun and build connections with each other. There was one camp in particular that I was most recently asked to help out with and it was such an hounor to know that by volunteering my time I was helping other women softball players have their dreams come true.



Over the March spring break, the South Surrey and White Rock Association hosted a camp lead by Tracy Cardinal to help bring women from Team Ecuador to the Softball World Championships this year in Surrey. Every girl who participated, all her registration fees went straight to Team Equador. It was a great turn out of girls and because of them, now two more women can join their team this July in Surrey.


Having played softball at the collegiate level and have watched or competed with the women who have played at the World or Olympic level, I understand what it takes to make it there, as well as to be able to stay playing at that level. It is a tremendous amount of dedication and sacrifice to be a female athlete and it takes daily hard work to be successful. For many women the funding keeps them from competing because it is very hard, in fact almost impossible, to have a full time job and be a world class athlete.