OSC on Location Husky Classic

In case you missed it, OSC was on location at the University of Washington on March 5th to take in the action of the Husky Classic. Despite some rainouts, the Huskies played Kent State, Boise State and Montana where they swept all three teams. There were multiple home runs, double plays and the pitching performances were top notch. We are so lucky that we have great softball to watch so close to home.


The best part of the day was when we got a special VIP Tour from Jenn Salling of the Campus and the Softball Facility. Jenn Salling is the current short stop for Team Canada and she played her collegiate career at UW herself. She is now the Grad Assistant for the team and will be coaching at OSC again this summer!!

On the tour Jenn showed us what a “typical day,” would be like for a softball athlete and where they would go and what they would do. It is a very disciplined lifestyle, we learned, but the amount of support and opportunities available to student athletes was amazing. Not only do the athletes have phenomenal coaches who want them to succeed but also they have academic advisors and tutors who help them achieve the best grades possible.

My favourite part of the tour was meeting the team in the locker room and hearing from them why they chose to play at UW and what they enjoy the most about being a student athlete. Many of the players also commented on how important it is to cherish the moments while playing and offered advice to the players on how to play with no regrets. I loved when UW Junior Ali Aguilar, who is the Pac-12 Leader in Home Runs right now, said, “if you don’t put extra work in, you won’t succeed. I always try to out work my competitors and take extra swings, extra ground balls and to practice with no regrets so that when I play I can feel confident that I have done everything I can to feel confident and be prepared.”


Having the opportunity to speak with the players and to see how and where they play and prepare is really special because it provides inspiration and motivation to young players that they too can succeed in whatever avenue they choose to pursue. Whether it is softball or not, there are opportunities out there and when you expose yourself to them at a young age you are able to set goals and who knows what you will achieve.


Thank you to all of you who came to UW for the tour, we really appreciate your support and we hope that we will be making the trip an annual event.