Okanagan Softball Camp Highlights 2014

It’s hard to believe that it has already been two weeks since OSC 2014 ended and we are all moving on to our next adventures. Whether it is our OSC coaches preparing to head back to university, or our campers resting up before tryouts come in September, I know softball is still on all of our minds. In fact, I know it’s definitely still on mine especially as I sit here and look through all the camp photos, which seem like they were taken so long ago!  I guess we can say time flies when you are having fun!

This year was probably one of my most favourite weeks of camp yet! And no it is not the extreme heat that is making me deliriously say this; even though temperatures reached 39 degrees I still would not have wanted it any other way. This camp was one of my favourites (not because of the heat) but because there were so many awesome highlights throughout the week.


I have tried to narrow it down to my Top 10 highlights from the week (yes, it was very difficult) but I challenge all of you to post your favourite highlight from the week as well. When you post use the #okanagansoftballcamp so we can all view each other’s posts.

Top 10 OSC 2014 Highlights

  • The mighty Morrison Sisters winning both divisions of the Home Run Derby…. I think that is an OSC first!
  • Seeing a sea of pink shirts everyday as the girls worked so hard in the heat.
  • Having an all-star line up of coaches: Ron Clarke, Marty Lehn, Doug Allin, Stephanie Horsely, Allie Jonnson, Peyton Fisher, Madi Wilms, Kat Murnaghan, Tanya Mclean and Alena Holyk…. You guys ROCK!!
  • Seeing girls from all over the province come together and form teams, friendships and lasting memories.
  • Watching the girls improve everyday in various aspects of their game and seeing them transfer those skills to the games. #doubleplays #stealing #homeruns
  • Hearing the laughter from the slip n’ slide as the girls learn and practice their sliding!
  • Coming into the arena after a long day and seeing all the girls sharing their concession treats while they hang out either braiding each others hair, playing cards, watching movies, dancing, playing volleyball or just straight up gossiping!
  • Starting the week and seeing girls not believe in themselves, but by the end of the week they have somehow earned to win a top award.
  • The non stop awesome efforts by all the girls and their non stop smiles ?
  •  Watching the Team videos the girls made illustrating why they love softball!

These are only a few highlights, and I am really excited to hear about all of yours. Thank you to all of you for making my OSC 2014 a favourite so far!!

Images from this years camp can be found here OSC 2014 Camp Photos


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