2013 Okanagan Softball Camp Award Winners

 2013 OSC Award winners crp

Congratulations! to the 2013 Okanagan Softball Camp award winners! The OSC awards are based on effort on and off the field and are selected by the coaching staff. The MIP – Mizuno Inspirational Player award is the camp’s most prestigious award and is voted on by the players!

Back Row from left to right: Emily Morrison (Bantam Top Pitcher), Kate Meredith (Bantam Big Stick), Kristen McKee (Bantam Super Star), Brianna Carlyle (Bantam Gold Glove), Niah La Roy (Peewee Super Star), Samantha Jackson (Peewee Big Stick).
Front Row from left to right: Merianna Spicer (Peewee MIP), Janine Polderman (Peewee Gold Glove), Caitlin Gordon (Peewee Top Pitcher), Kenzie Wrightson (Peewee Top Catcher), Shae-Lyn Perry (Bantam Top Catcher) and Jaydene Rae (Bantam MIP).